Top Korean Songs List 2014 – Best Folk Music – New POP Albums

by New Songs List 2014 on January 21, 2014

Top Korean Songs List 2014 – Best Korean Folk Music

Best Korean songs include ‘This Time Is Over’ by B1A4 which is famous for its vocal range which is too interesting. Many popular Korean songs are very much famous all over the world and there are a lot of people how enjoy the funkiness of Korean songs.

Best korean Songs List 2014

We can divide the history of Korean music is there parts. These are ancient Korean songs, medieval Korean songs and modern Korean songs. Ancient Korean music, the folk music of Korea is complex and varied while managing to remain in a certain set of rhythms. ‘Arirang’ also known as and Korea’s national folk song and ‘Doraji’ are two important Korean folk songs which are so popular among Korean people. Here is the list of best Korean songs.

Top Korean Songs List 2014 – Best Folk Music New POP Albums

A Good Person – Park Hyo Shin
I like You – U-Kiss
Abracadabra – Brown Eyed Girls
Losing the Mind – Nell
Anything – Shinhwa
Real Lips – Sori
Come to Me – Clazziquai Project
Words I Can’t Express – Wheesung
A Time of Love – M.C. the Max
Shine – Tong Vfang Xien Qi
Ah – After School
One More Time, OK? – Cheon Sang Ji Hee
Heartbreaker – G-Dragon
Survivable – Brand New Day
Angel – Shinhwa
Nan – Rain
Insomnia – Wheesung
Overclass – Verbal Jint
Lover – Shin Hye Sung and Jang Nara
Rocinante – Panic
Because I’m a Girl – K.I.S.S.
Thank You – Nell
It’s Okay – Hwayobi
Wanna – Kara
My Girl – Taegoon
Honey – KARA

Top Best Korean Songs continues ….

I Do – Rain
O’ Jung.Ban.Hap. – Tong Vfang Xien Qi
In Dreams – Lena Park
Don’t you Know – Shin Hye Sung
Love 119 – K Will (Ft. MC Mong)
This Love – Big Bang
Love like This – SS501
Fan – Epik High
You Made an Impression – Sung Si Kyung
Tell me – Wonder Girls
Marry U – Super Junior
Heffy End – Seo Taiji
Sorry Sorry – Super Junior
Restriction – Fly to the Sky
Shock – Beast
Gee – SNSD/ Girls Generation
Oh My Friend – Big Bang
Flip Reverse – Jang Woo Hyuk
Neorago (It’s You) – Super Junior
Requiem – ISU & JinYi
The Road – g.o.d.

Latest upcoming Korean songs albums 2014

Dong Bang Shin Ki Vol. 7 – Tense (Random Cover)
Gary Mini Album Vol. 1 – MR.GAE
Rain Vol. 6 – Rain Effect
GOT7 Mini Album Vol. 1 – Got it?
Dong Bang Shin Ki Vol. 7 – Tense (Red)
B1A4 Vol. 2 – Who am I (Jin Young)
Topp Dogg Mini Album Vol. 2 – Arario (Limited Edition)
B1A4 Vol. 2 – Who am I (Gong Chan)
B1A4 Vol. 2 – Who am I (CNU)
Kim Jae Joong Vol. 1 Repackage Album
Trouble Maker – Chemistry (Special Limited Edition)
Girl’s Day Mini Album Vol. 3 – Girl’s Day Everyday 3
Topp Dogg Mini Album Vol. 2 – Arario
FTISLAND Mini Album Vol. 5 – The Mood
DalShabet Mini Album Vol. 7 – B.B.B
AOA Single Album Vol. 5

List of Korean albums 2013

EXO Winter Special Album – Miracles in December
The Heirs OST Part 2 (SBS TV Drama)
SHU-I Mini Album Vol. 1
Answer Me 1994 OST (tvN TV Drama)
Musical December 2013 With Kim Jun Su
MR. MR Mini Album Vol. 1 – Waiting for You

more latest Korean Songs would be added in the list of  new Korean Songs

Modern Korean songs or Korean pop songs are which are very much inspired by the today’s pop music and liked by the new generation. ‘Gangnam Style’ sung by Korean singer Psy this song is very much popular and it has been famous all over the world. Korean drama songs are also liked by most of the Korean people. These are high in demand and Korean drama song’s CD is easily available in the Korean market. Hope you must have enjoyed the list of best Korean songs and albums.

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