Best Jackie Chan movies List 2014

List of Jackie Chan Movies Hollywood actor Jackie Chan  was born on 7 April 1954 in Hong Kong. The list of Jackie Chan Movies is amongst the best list that can be seen in terms of the fan followings. The movies that have been given by this hero are a perfect blend of action and […]


Best Happy Songs List – Top New Happy Songs 2014

by New Songs List 2014 on July 11, 2014

Best Happy Songs List

Feel Elated With Happy Songs All the noted philosophers and thinkers from all parts of the world agree to the fact that happiness can never be purchased or it can never be snatched from anyone else. It is a feeling that happens to everyone when one feels lighter by heart. The heart feels happy whenever […]


Yo Yo Honey Singh Songs List 2014

Yo Yo Honey Singh Songs Albums List 2014 Your New year party is incomplete if you not have list of yo yo Honey Singh songs. Honey Singh songs are very much popular among youth and new generation. This rap singer, also known as Yo Yo Honey Singh, was born as Hirdesh Singh on 15th  March […]


Best Happy Birthday Songs – Top 10 Children Songs List

by New Songs List 2014 on July 5, 2014

Top Happy Birthday Songs List 2014

Things to Remember While Looking for the Best Happy Birthday Songs Birthday has been a memorable day for everyone, irrespective of age, sex, nationality, cast, or creed. It is certainly a very important day of everyone’s life and that is why the trend of celebrating these days is very strong among the people. It is […]


New Hindi Songs List 2014 – Latest Hindi Top 10 Old Hits

by New Songs List 2014 on June 27, 2014

Best Hindi Songs List 2014

Hindi Songs-The Treasure of Poetry and Lyrics The earth has been inhabited by a large variety of people who speak and understand different languages. They write in their own language and they really treasure their languages and there are really hundreds of reasons behind this. Among the most glorious languages from all over the world, […]


Best Sad Songs List 2014

List of Sad Songs-The Songs That Can Make You Cry Music has its own significance and it has its own style too. Songs, both vocals and instrumentals, are the inseparable parts of music and that is why people listen to different types of songs. Among various types of songs, the sad songs have their own […]


Best Bollywood Movies

Bollywood Movies-The Brightest Part of Indian Film Industry India has been a huge country and every part of the country has its own culture and traditions. In India, movies are made in different regional languages and the Hindi Film Industry has been the most vital part of it. The other name for Hindi film Industry […]


top horror movies list

Why Should You Avoid Watching Horror Movies While with Children? The taste of humans differs from one generation to another. Since movies are the most successful means of entertainment, therefore many types of movies are made for the different sets of viewers. Some of these movies provide healthy entertainment whereas some others lack in the […]


Top War Movies List 2013

How to Create Person Archive of Best War Movies Like Romantic movies and Comedy movies, the war movies are also very popular among the movie lovers. These movies are actually action movies that depict encounters between two opponent forces. These movies are usually full of violence of extreme kind where all three forces get involved. […]


best pop songs list 2014

Add Thrill to Your Life With Pop Songs Pop Songs actually stand for the Popular songs which are the most popular ingredients of Pop Music. These songs are extremely popular among the listeners as well as performers. These songs have brought global recognition to some of the greatest performers. Some of these greatest performers of […]